is a NO PROFIT association and represents the highest cultural and artistic values in the world of fashion. It promotes the image of “Made in Switzerland” at home and abroad. It creates professional and educational synergies for young talented stylists, promotes relationships with national and international institutions and organizations, conveys creative heritage and enhances inspiration and brilliance. It contains unfair competition and counterfeiting. It exalts promotion of the territory and the Swiss image on a worldwide scale. It is not a mystery that the “Made in Switzerland” brand stands for quality, beauty and prestige around the world. The Swiss National Fashion Chamber, which is active in the field of fashion and luxury goods, maintains the high industrial and creative reputation of our country. Many events organized by the CNMS represent a fundamental aspect in developing the “Made in Switzerland” brand which has become famous worldwide.



The Swiss Confederation has always been a melting pot for economical exchanges in Europe. It is proud of its centuries-old renown and its important market share in the luxury goods sector. Thanks to its world-renowned industrial tradition and proverbial attention to design, our country excels in its range of products from the creation of watches and luxury goods to jewelry, clothing and cosmetics. In order to provide a reliable partner in the sector, for both workers and institutions, the Swiss National Fashion Chamber was founded.



The organization is the first in Switzerland, initiated by a group of common interests, and is led by General President Franco Taranto, Vice General President Matteo Poretti, President for German-speaking Switzerland Sabine Rettich, President for French-speaking Switzerland Marco Lorenzo Simona, President for Italian-speaking Switzerland Fiorenza Rivera, and 50 members of the committee, of which 12 executive members. The organization intends to be active in all sectors of fashion to value, coordinate and promote activities linked to fashion both at home and abroad. Among the targets of the Chamber, not least to combat against counterfeiting, is the protection of moral and economic interests of workers and to provide support to Swiss stylists, both newly emerged or well established, through targeted events at home and abroad. For this reason, for many years the CNMS has organized two annual fashion shows (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) where young stylists and Swiss designers alongside international ones can present their collections.



The Swiss National Fashion Chamber has a structure that is based on pacts; membership is possible for physical and legal persons. Internally, there is an executive committee that is in charge of managing a group of delegates and efficient work groups that are always well informed. Thanks to participation from highly qualified professionals, these organisms are already well structured and active in different areas. The topics which most attention is paid to are the enhancement and development of “Made in Switzerland” products with events organized over a number of years both at home and abroad. These events cover the sectors of fashion, arts, culture to promote stylists and designers, relationships with institutions and schools, the fight against counterfeiting as well as a special Swiss and international sector “HELVETIA ACADEMY”.



In order to give a concrete mark to its work, the Swiss National Fashion Chamber has a project – The National Palace of Swiss Fashion. Inside, there will be a main hall for the Couture and Pret-à-Porter fashion shows by Swiss and International designers, an area for researching avant-garde fashion and economy and also a Swiss museum of Style and Design. This building was proposed in order to reflect on current circumstances and created to divulge the history and creations of one of the most important pillars of the national economy. The National Palace of Swiss Fashion with its museum, a conception for itinerant exhibition, which has been promoted for several years by the Federal Culture Office, will also welcome at the same time catwalk events, exhibitions and events of international quality. A study of feasibility is ongoing at the moment, in which the geographical location of the Palace will be established too.



The CNMS gives young Swiss designers the opportunity, support and huge exposure at home and abroad. This has been one of the most important tasks of the Swiss National Fashion Chamber for many years. Conveying creative Swiss heritage and enhancing inspiration and brilliance by creating multicultural synergies in a global world. Often the leaders in the world o fashion will be next to young Swiss designers. To successfully start a career as a designer today is an all-absorbing and demanding task. It requires notable investment, determination and talent. For this reason, we guide them on this important journey with humility, dedication and professionalism to guarantee a strong placing of Swiss designers in the fashion world in order to safeguard the creative and cultural heritage of our country. Amongst the many different professional activities the Chamber has created a reality: The NEW GENERATION DESIGNERS. For the first time, our young designers have the possibility to present their collection in a high quality context during: Fashion under the stars – Fashion Week Lugano “Made in Switzerland” and Swiss Fashion World  Past, Present, Future “Made in Switzerland” organized by the CNMS. These events have the aim of finding a new generation of Swiss designers to promote and strengthen the country and its image in the world.



The Swiss National Fashion Chamber has created highly specialized research. Training courses are organized for young people who want to embark on the path to becoming a stylist or designer with international professionals. Courses are also organized for entrepreneurs and companies to remain up-to-date and in the forefront in an ever more competitive sector. Workshops and specialized seminars for companies and department store are also on offer, to promote professional refresher courses in the afternoon and/or in the evenings for workers in the sector in collaboration with institutions. Thanks to the acquired know-how, specific research activities covering the most important topics of the fashion and economical sector are commissioned. This Swiss – International sector created by the Swiss National Fashion Chamber is called: “HELVETIA ACADEMY”.



The most important dates in the year in Switzerland for fashion and designers with focused and refined events such as: FASHION UNDER THE STARS FASHION WEEK LUGANO “MADE IN SWITZERLAND” and SWISS FASHION WORLD PAST PRESENT FUTURE “MADE IN SWITZERLAND”. These events safeguard the HISTORY OF THE HIGHEST CULTURAL VALUES OF “MADE IN SWITZERLAND” with a professional calendar, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. These wonderful events provide the designers and sponsors with international exposure.



The Swiss National Fashion Chamber offers great exposure to their sponsors and partners. They make them the protagonists of the communication events and they give them an important image in supporting “MADE IN SWITZERLAND”. These prestigious partnerships are above all most valued in the editions of:


These events have been organized by the CNMS for many years to safeguard the HISTORY OF THE HIGHEST CULTURAL VALUEs OF “MADE IN SWITZERLAND”.

Prestigious showcases display creative, dynamic and innovative trends that, with the approval of the institutions, integrate themselves into the economic life of Switzerland and the growing request for luxury goods. These represent the highest cultural values of fashion to protect and enhance the image of Switzerland in the world.



The launch of SWISS FASHION TV is based on the initiative of the Swiss National Fashion Chamber:  an organization which right from the beginning has had the goal of protecting and promoting the market in the areas of fashion, creativity and luxury. Thanks to the coverage from national and international events, “Swiss Fashion TV – Swiss Fashion World Magazine” guarantees to those who work in this sector, but also to fashion enthusiasts, the access to an informative multimedia platform of high quality. This is constantly updated, presented in an agile manner and open to wide interaction. The content that is covered include a variety of matters: from the newest collections by stylists from around the world to the coverage of events, from the best fashion shows to commercial advertisements, without forgetting interviews with people active in the brands or in other creative fields. The coverage of the international scene is guaranteed by relationships with different worldwide Fashion capitals. Currently “Swiss Fashion TV – Swiss Fashion World Magazine” has several million connections on its own platform which provides notable exposure to designers and its own sponsors.



The Swiss National Fashion Chamber with many “Agreement Protocols” has been stipulated in different countries around the world. The CNMS is an ambassador for the values and excellence of the “Made in Switzerland” brand. It actively participates in the fashion sector and with designers in different capitals. Furthermore, the Chamber is a member of the European Executive Fashion Council and therefore officially represents Switzerland in Europe.



The Swiss National Fashion Chamber has known how to create plenty of transformations that are long lasting and span globally, valuing artistic culture and Swiss customs at home and abroad. Therefore, the symbol of the Chamber could only be HELVETIA. The dress and symbol of the Chamber was based on an idea of Franco Taranto, who has the international Copyright and turned the image of HELVETIA into reality. Until now, we have only been used to seeing HELVETIA on the reverse side of the Swiss coin, but from 16th August 2014 “MADRE HELVETIA”  literally materialized in the patio of Palazzo Civico, during the visit of the Federal Council in Lugano. Since then it has happened in the presence of many institutions, politicians and famous celebrities. It is significant that the Swiss people welcomed “MADRE HELVETIA” with roars of enthusiasm which shows that the motto “One for all, all for one” still has value. Even small things such as a dress have important significance, that wish to represent the pride of being Swiss.