Will be held in Rome July 7, anticipating Alta Roma that will begin the next day, the world of fashion SWISS, organized by the National Chamber of Swiss Fashion, which for the second consecutive year, will take place at the Embassy of Switzerland in Italy. The event, the Swiss fashion world, which serves as a platform for designers, designers and companies to exchange ideas, opinions and find solutions to promote their brands, and is a tremendous opportunity to make the work of young Swiss designers visible and they want get a small space in a very competitive economic sector.

The event will be officially opened by the parade of “Mother Helvetia” and Swiss national anthem and to transform the world capital of beauty capital, will be the Swiss fashion designers Tania Caruncho and Manuela Soldati show their collections together the special guest of event: the internationally renowned fashion designer, Iuliana Mihai, who will present to the public its latest collection inspired by Japan and its culture: Hanakotoba, the collection that takes flight like a butterfly, transformed in all its beauty after having been for a long time in its chrysalis and that in Japanese culture is associated with the popular image that symbolizes the nascent beauty and delicate grace of the young girls, but “Hanakotoba” is also the meaning of flowers, the secret language that explains their presence.

The presenters of the event will be the beautiful Erika Gottardi, director of Woman & Bride and Head of the Roman section of the CNMS and likeable Stefano Dani, which play a role of spokesman for the National Chamber of Swiss Fashion.

During the evening we will be included musical interludes of great cultural internationally renowned violinist, member of the Swiss Parliament and co-founder of CNMS, Maristella Patuzzi that enchant the audience playing her Stradivarius violin and Floraleda Sacchi who will cheer the audience with her harp.

There will be, as usual, the Swiss Fashion TV that will make a reportage for the occasion, also saw the important parterre made up of several members of the press, the media, institutions, diplomats and numerous expectations authorities and VIPs.

A big surprise will be present Alessandra Gengaro, Miss Ticino in office who, thanks to the title won in the official competition of the historical beauty of the Canton Ticino, allows her to pull together the top models for fashion shows.

An evening of art, but above all the beauty with which the Swiss fashion designers will transform Rome into the eternal beauty capital. Rome: capital of the world, capital of beauty.